Thursday, July 28, 2011


amberlin wu's 'night trees', matt claghorn's 'transparent' and amberlin wu's 'skating into the night'
daniela martins 'hope', and amanda watson-will's 'hope (diptych)'

(and a few of my contributions)

quite a while ago now i promised a little more information about an initiative my friend lee lee developed to raise money for the whittemore peterson institute and research into XMRV (a possible cause of ME/CFS).   above are just a few examples of the artwork which you can buy here.  i've placed a few orders for cards now, and been really impressed with both the quality of printing and the speed of service.  it's such a fantastic way to support research while enjoying the diverse range of talents in the patient community.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

my heart belongs to christchurch

...and after the floods came the earthquakes that brought beautiful christchurch to her knees.  words never come close to describing the place this city holds in my soul, so here is a little tribute in photos instead.  

(much of iconic christchurch cathedral - the heart of the city in more than one sense - now lies in piles of rubble.  this is how i want to remember it.)