Monday, August 30, 2010

bedtime stories (and a survey)

the most delightful little book arrived over the seas from ireland a few weeks ago now - discovered in a roundabout way through author corina's beautiful website. i was initially blown away by her photography and then discovered she'd written a book (actually she's written two) called cirrus chronicles, which sounded so much fun that i just had to order a copy. yet to finish the savouring the lovely story, and also the nostalgia of being read to again.

on a related note, corina is currently doing a bit of research into how the net and social networking sites etc impact on the experience of ME/CFS. she was hoping for feedback by the end of the month so not much time left now. however if you'd like to help out you can find the post about this on her blog. i certainly found it really interesting to reflect on the ways in which all this technology helps (and hinders) me.

Friday, August 27, 2010

sweet peas (and spoonflower p.s.)

another exciting discovery today - my first delicate little sweet pea flower.

(p.s. - apologies to anyone who isn't already acquainted with the fabulousness of spoonflower for the absence of a proper explanation before, and for anything that didn't make sense etc. got a bit carried away in the adrenalin of it all!

free spoonflower swatches

this is too good not to share! a free swatch of fabric at the fabulous spoonflower for everyone who feels so inclined...only for the next 12 hrs or less (by my calculations). perfect opportunity to have a bit of a play and see how it turns out.

i've used a detail of the christmas wrapping paper that was decorated for me by one of my gorgeous godsons! let you know how it looks when i get my hands on the real thing.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

the menagerie

lately our resident family of butcher birds have been joined by an increasing number of kookaburras (we've had two hanging around for a while but suddenly there are two more), and sometimes they all come calling together asking for food. it's just beautiful to walk out onto the verandah and see a tree full of birds - especially the gorgeous voluptuousness of a collection of kookaburras. and their songs once appetites have been satisfied are so joyful they always make me and my heart smile...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

'i will make something for you' - no 2

my creation for alex (yes, the cushion craze continues). i found myself making something that reminded me of the day i met her - at a friends blessingway...there were sumptuous cushions scattered throughout a beautifully set up tent with sides billowing in the breeze...somehow the purple seemed right too.
(and i'm still enjoying this way of breathing new life into old doilies)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

'i will make something for you' - no 1

a while ago i promised to show you the little details of this bag when it reached its new home. now that it is safely in kate's arms (literally, at times, i guess) here you are...
(i know i mentioned this before but i was quite taken by the writing on the selvedge - so decided to make a feature of it rather than hiding it)

this became the first of my 'i will make something for you' projects - an idea i read about on a friend's facebook page earlier in the year and instantly knew i wanted to be part of. simply put, it is a version of 'pay it forward' in which you promise to make something (anything) for the first five people who respond and agree to do the same: the ripple effect. a lot of people seemed to find this intimidating but it's not that scary - really! your gifts can reach the intended targets anytime in the year and be as small or big as you feel inclined. i think it's the most gorgeous idea, a lovely excuse to make new things... and such a feel-good buzz sending parcels of handmade things off into the world.