Wednesday, February 24, 2010

an artist in the family

something special for someone very special...a little parcel just made its way across the tasman to my grandmother in christchurch via personal courier - inside was a small collection of cards made with prints of her artworks.

last year (the year that granna turned 90) my cousin cathy and her husband paul published a book with a selection of the hundreds of paintings of patricia rolls fear. it was no small project, involving the professional photographing of each selected painting as well as all the formatting etc etc. the end result was a gorgeous tribute to the artistic life of a gorgeous gorgeous woman. and also a by-product of a cd containing all the photos of the paintings - which got me thinking...

... i wanted granna to be able to share this part of her life with people who hadn''t been able to buy a copy of the book and this was such an easy and effective way to do it. so i made up and sent over about 20 cards for starters (she can choose to either write in them and give them to people herself or package them up in little groupings and give them as gifts). i've seen how much joy the book has given her and hope that this will give her a little more of that feeling.

Monday, February 22, 2010

beauty everywhere

mother nature really is the most amazing artist...this produce is nothing short of works of art - each and every one beautiful in its own individuality and 'imperfection'.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a temporary obsession with windchimes

in the early evening, as the sun is about to fall behind the trees for the night, it lights up the windchimes on the back verandah. as i was walking down the driveway yesterday (after an aborted attempt to rescue an injured magpie) they caught my eye, took my breath away once again, and sent me running for my camera...

these two shots were selected from the dozens i snapped in the fading light. (the second reminds me of under the sea).

Friday, February 5, 2010

new delivery

my latest goodies from ebay arrived today...some gorgeous deep red vintage cord and crocheted doilies from seller adee's wedding the year i was born. already have quite a few ideas swimming around in my head, just have to find a way to narrow them down (and then actually follow through of course!).