Wednesday, February 24, 2010

an artist in the family

something special for someone very special...a little parcel just made its way across the tasman to my grandmother in christchurch via personal courier - inside was a small collection of cards made with prints of her artworks.

last year (the year that granna turned 90) my cousin cathy and her husband paul published a book with a selection of the hundreds of paintings of patricia rolls fear. it was no small project, involving the professional photographing of each selected painting as well as all the formatting etc etc. the end result was a gorgeous tribute to the artistic life of a gorgeous gorgeous woman. and also a by-product of a cd containing all the photos of the paintings - which got me thinking...

... i wanted granna to be able to share this part of her life with people who hadn''t been able to buy a copy of the book and this was such an easy and effective way to do it. so i made up and sent over about 20 cards for starters (she can choose to either write in them and give them to people herself or package them up in little groupings and give them as gifts). i've seen how much joy the book has given her and hope that this will give her a little more of that feeling.


  1. Oh how lovely! So very thoughtful. I am sure whoever receives the cards will be touched - as will your Grandmother!

  2. That's lovely Kae - I'm sure your granna was impressed!

  3. she loved them - has decided to keep them all...and also thinks i should produce them on a larger scale to sell to shops!!

  4. haayyyy!
    your blog is the best!!
    its so vibrant and colourful.
    and im pretty sure i've fallen in love with this post.
    how quaint.

    thanks for sharing! <3

  5. thanks so much lauren! (and you're the first person who i don't know who has commented on any of my posts - very exciting!! how did you find me?)

  6. (ps - you've inspired me to actually get back to this and put something new up again)

  7. Hello, I was very pleased to recently purchase a large oil painting of Governors Bay by Patricia Rolls Fear, showing Mount Herbert and Lyttelton Harbour. Her address at the time is shown on the reverse as 63 Chapter Street, Christchurch.

    I know your grandmother exhibited paintings at the Canterbury Society of Arts exhibitions in 1978, 1979 and 1980. The six paintings were titled: Lake Grasmere, Hills of Home, Stars of the Bush, Quiet Corner Governors Bay, Mt. Cook Lily and Rural Delivery.

    So far I have not been able to find much more about Patricia Fear and wonder if you are able to provide any biographically information about her? I would be very interested especially in anything further about her painting career. Perhaps newspaper or magazine articles.

    I am very interested in the artists that belonged to the Canterbury Society of Arts an would like to put together some information about each of them.

    Thank you
    Christchurch, NZ

  8. hi tony

    i was so excited to read your comment - very proud of her and her painting - and i know that my grandmother will be too. i will email you a proper response in the next day or so.



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