Monday, August 30, 2010

bedtime stories (and a survey)

the most delightful little book arrived over the seas from ireland a few weeks ago now - discovered in a roundabout way through author corina's beautiful website. i was initially blown away by her photography and then discovered she'd written a book (actually she's written two) called cirrus chronicles, which sounded so much fun that i just had to order a copy. yet to finish the savouring the lovely story, and also the nostalgia of being read to again.

on a related note, corina is currently doing a bit of research into how the net and social networking sites etc impact on the experience of ME/CFS. she was hoping for feedback by the end of the month so not much time left now. however if you'd like to help out you can find the post about this on her blog. i certainly found it really interesting to reflect on the ways in which all this technology helps (and hinders) me.

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  1. Thank you so much Kirsten, for plugging my book, website and research. So glad you enjoy Cirrus's adventures!


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