Monday, December 27, 2010


anyone by any chance remember a long-ago post about the fingerpainting one of my godsons did for my christmas wrapping last year? when i wrote earlier about free spoonflower swatches i promised to show what i ended up doing with it (if you don't know about spoonflower, it's a world of creative possibility you might really want to can choose designs others have uploaded, or you can make something really personal by uploading and using tools to play with your own, which are then printed onto a selection of fabrics).

so, here you go, the visual transformation of the painting i was given...from this:

to this...

to this.

(apologies for the last photo, taken on a really overcast day on some really grotty pavers)


  1. I admire your creative energy and wonderful creations Kirsten.
    Keep them coming!
    X Corina

  2. Really beautiful! I appreciate them as a mandala artist!


  3. going to have to check out your mandalas judy! (if you're a fabric fan you could have a fantastic time playing on this site)


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