Saturday, January 8, 2011

what a wet possum looks like...

it's been 'raining cats and dogs' here lately...and the odd possum too. thankfully we've avoided the worst of the flooding here (at one point half of the state was under water). i've been feeling very very sorry for the animals though - especially in the worst-hit areas - but also weather refugees like this who turn up on the verandah in the middle of the day soaking wet, and with a little bub to look after.

(the RSPCA is doing fantastic work in the flooded areas and has a special appeal going at the moment if you want to donate and help the animals)


  1. SO so so cute, K! Poor guy looks so scared -- Love how you captured that sweet expression.

  2. they are so cute and I am glad they found refuge on your veranda.

  3. I keep thinking about all the poor animals who are caught up in the floods and the ones who didn't make it.

  4. oh, me too mel...and need to donate some more. got some more photos to share sometime too.


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