Wednesday, February 22, 2012

kia kaha christchurch - one year on

wooden ornament in the shape of the iconic stained glass 'rose window' of the cathedral     

the real 'rose window' of christchurch cathedral - before the quake
ceramic dish from mudbird's 'emerge' range (with some pieces from my favourite christchurch jeweler, darrell of jakana jewellry)

today marks the one year anniversary of the deadly and devastating christchurch february 22nd earthquake.  my heart is still so much with the people of this beautiful city who continue to endure constant aftershocks (10 000 and counting, i believe) as well as all the layers of uncertainty, grief and trauma.  i have been spending time this morning remembering all that was lost, but also celebrating what remains - including the wonderful creative spirit that has always been so evident.  above are a couple of my favourite handmade things that have come from the dust (literally, in one case - mudbird's 'emerge' range contains liquefaction silt.  ingenious.)


  1. Cool jewelry! Cool that you care so much!

  2. Hi Kirsten - thanks for mentioning my dish in your post - I remember that very dish so well as I loved the silt pattern on the edge. Thanks for your support xx Gill

  3. And thanks for the comment Gill - what a lovely surprise! Also, it's special that you remember this particular dish. And so wonderful for me to be able to literally hold onto a bit of Christchurch when I touch your work. XXOO

    Judy, so sorry I never replied to you - no idea how that happened. Very cool jewelry indeed, I wear both those pieces so much.


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