Wednesday, June 6, 2012

show me the light

it had been five months since any outing (with the exception of a couple of medical appointments i only just made it to).  and i could feel my soul withering with every extra day that passed.  i felt that if i didn't escape the house something inside me was going to die...and so i escaped.  and payed for it - bigtime.  but at least i got to see this magical sight, the amazing light thrown by approaching dark stormy skies on a river still as glass.  


  1. wish we could escape together. love you. and your creative heart. I hear you. I see you.

  2. awesome pics! thanks for sharing, I'd forgotten how beautiful our city can be this time of year. The quality of the light is lovely.

  3. one day day. then there'll be no stopping us. although that kind of circumvents the fact that we want to escape NOW.

    lee lee, it was so special - i wanted to photograph everything i was seeing in that light (but simply holding the camera up to take these was too much really). it was so fleeting though, a couple of minutes in that spot and then all of a sudden it had changed.

  4. Well done, and well said Kirsten. So glad you got to experience this magical place and glad you had your camera to share it with us.
    Lots of love and healing


  5. try to take my camera where-ever i go...just in case. i'm glad to have been able to experience this too corina, and glad to be connecting with you in the blogosphere again. XXOO

  6. So beautiful Kiki, these photos really capture what I imagine is part of your essence. hehe. not to get all metaphysical, but without having met you, I sort of imagine, rich colours, sparkling light and great depth of field. (and maybe a ME few storm clouds trailing behind ;).

    Really lovely post. :)


  7. i think you've found a niche market sarah - personality analysis via photo. interesting, one day when they find that cure we'll have to meet and you can tell me how accurate you think you were! definitely spot on with those storm clouds...been taking over the sky though, i'm ready for them to just do a gentle trail behind for a while.

    thanks for the beautiful comment. XXOO


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