Sunday, January 24, 2010

and then came crochet...

also in march, i had a visit from a primary school friend i'd reconnected with - anna -who showed me the basics of crochet. neither of us had any idea at the time what she was starting! my months became marked by a production line of beanies - many for birthdays of special little people in my life. and a few extra-special creations for newborns as well.

lots of the mohair yarns i used i picked up on ebay at bargain prices and my favourite trim became a silk sari thread made of pieces recycled from the cutting room floors. on some occasions i've also used yarns brought back from the US by my mum before i was born (as in the one pictured above - my somewhat amusing first attempt!).


  1. Crochet is so bizarrely addictive - wait until you have to work out where to hide all your yarn so people don't keep commenting on how much you have, and when are you ever going to use it? My problem is I buy without a plan!

    ps. fill cushion covers with yarn and no-one will ever know :)


  2. thanks for the tip erin! (very savvy)

    i usually don't buy with terribly much of a plan either...and i am seriously running out of room to store any more, my clothes are getting crushed by the containers that didn't have anywhere else to go. addictive? definitely!


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