Monday, January 4, 2010

fortune cookie wisdom...

a while ago now i came across a fortune cookie with these words inside:

'turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you'

...such wonderful imagery. and it struck me as such a beautiful metaphor, reminding us to place our attention on the things in our lives that give us pleasure and joy and to turn (as much as we can) from those that we would rather were not there.


  1. Kae, do you know my sunflower philosophy? I came up with it years and years ago and it is actually not that dissimilar to this fortune cookie wisdom...."Stay rooted to the ground, stand tall, and follow the sun like a sunflower". It's what I always remind myself of when I have those low moments.


  2. sim, i absolutely love your sunflower philosophy...i copied it (with the authors name!) to share it with others when i first found it. i also really like the reference to groundedness, makes me think of a lot of that very same idea from reiki and similar traditions that has helped me so much at various times.


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