Tuesday, March 9, 2010

continuing a tradition

my little friend jax has just turned one and to celebrate i decided to make her another dress (the first i made when she was born)

i was given this link to a free pattern on the oliver + s blog (thanks erin!). have to laugh whenever i look at my version of the dress - the floral material was leftover from the $4 second-hand doona bought at vinnies to make bunting for my sisters birthday, the pink material is some old calico dyed with water from washing some very non-colourfast vintage cord and the lace is about 20 years old! this was supposed to be a practice attempt but at our fitting it didn't seem quite good enough a design to repeat. so i added in the triangular panels at the sides to give it a bit more shape and thifty jax will have the cheapest dress in town!!


  1. So cute! and big thumbs up for thriftiness!

  2. This is so pretty, you are talented! I can barely sew on a button. :)

  3. thanks nmj! (and sare) i can vaguely follow a simple pattern...loving getting back to sewing, reminding me of my days at uni long ago when i would sew some of my own clothes. and such a sense of accomplishment to create something from scratch.

  4. (and i know there's a typo at the end with 'thrifty' - just don't know if i'll lose the comments if i edit it?)


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