Thursday, May 13, 2010

guessing games

anyone know what this is?

(might just be a prize in it for the first person to get it right...if i can think of something to make)


  1. i'm thinking it may be that scare-crow type straw stuff that you can use for wrapping pressies? or wood shavings?!-- infact i think that is correct :) ??
    and i don't think this is it but i'll say it/them just incase- ribbons curled & lilly petals??

  2. afraid not - none of the above!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. it is indeed mary - you are my winner then! thought it would be a foodie who figured it out. it's the stringy bits some people pull off the outside, i found them in the compost and was quite taken by the colour and curlings so i rescued them to photograph. liked the light on them too.

    now, to start dreaming up a prize...

  5. wow, i see the answer has been removed.
    but its a food clue!

    IS IT AN ONION!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. oh, zabi, mary just had the same answer up twice (we were both having issues with blogspot) and i thought it would just disappear when i removed one of is in fact rhubarb.


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