Monday, May 17, 2010

banana bread and bliss

soaking up the simple pleasures today.

house to myself and luxuriating in the space and quiet. baking to the sounds of tracey chapman (taking me back my wonderful days at the community aid abroad one world shop), and the smell of extra strong coffee. my favourite tea - liqorice egyptian spice by yogitea - brewing in my 'new' vintage teapot freshly arrived on the doorstep this morning. plus gorgeous overcast weather and a warm heated room to retreat to (with a very happy cat waiting for me on the bed)... what more could a girl ask for?

(love the little sayings that come on the tea tags - although these ones stretch my german translation skills beyond hope)


  1. It certainly does sound like bliss! Just lovely!

  2. the teabag says: self-assurance masters all difficulties. xox
    (i'm swiss in-case you didn't know ;))

  3. a bit lovelier until i actually tasted the bread! (moral of the story - almond oil works much better than olive oil if you are substituting for butter)

    thanks zabi, this was my sister's translation:
    'Self-belief masters all difficulties'. very's strange, some packs come with the tags in english and others in german. they always have wonderful sayings on them.

  4. That sounds like amazing tea! And I like the translation!


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