Sunday, June 6, 2010

can't get you out of my head

ever since my friend naomi at the long and short of it blogged about her recent bunting adventures i keep thinking back to my first encounter with it last year...the serendipity of finding two floral doona covers at st vinnies, locating an old damaged tablecloth that tied in with the covers and then selecting some fresh yellow and white polkadot material to brighten it up a bit.

then the start of the seemingly endless cutting which was at once tedious and also verging on a form of meditation; the visual appeal of the production line; the fun of creating new projects with offcuts (a little tablecloth for the kiddie table and decorations for the 'fort') ; the time spent with my sister winding 35 metres of twine onto our arms; the family effort of carrying it all downstairs and the joy of finally seeing it all come together at last after so so many hours of work.

(i've decided that these doona covers are a bit like the magic pudding - they never seem to run out. after all the bunting-related bits there was enough remaining for jax's dress...

and still a little left!)


  1. Sounds like fun! I LOVE the dress, did you use a pattern?

  2. hi melissa...i loved how it turned out too - this was supposed to be the practice run! if you click on the words jax's dress it should take you to the post i wrote about it and the link for the pattern is there. shape didn't really work though and when we had a fitting before finishing i decided to add those gored side panels which aren't in the pattern, to give it a bit more of an a-line shape and some more room for a nappy under there too. not sure if it was her age but the fit around the chest was just a little strange. if you follow the link i'm pretty sure you can find lots of photos of other ones people have made on their site. maybe they look better in bigger sizes?


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