Thursday, August 25, 2011

sunshine on a cloudy day

this is the only vaguely crafty thing i've been up to doing for months now:  suncatchers for some of my family in christchurch.   

 they have had a horrendous six months since the february 22 earthquake which claimed 181 lives:  the CBD remains closed, there have been thousands of aftershocks to contend with, some people are still without functioning sewerage to their houses, so many are traumatised and living with constant anxiety.  roads remain damaged.  'liquefaction', has gone from a foreign word to one every child seems to know.   even though i follow what is happening in 'my' beloved city i find it hard to comprehend what the daily reality must be like.

i wanted to send something (anything) that might bring the tiniest bit of sunshine into their lives, and to let them know that they are never far from my thoughts.

kia kaha chirstchurch.  stay strong.  

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  1. what a brilliant, appropriate gift to make ... and just lovely too. Well done smarty! xx


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