Friday, September 23, 2011

press rewind (again) - january 2011

it's been so long since i've posted that blogging feels like a lost art.  i've known there were things that i'd photographed and planned to share, but just haven't had the energy or cognition required to actually assemble anything.  i'm taking a bit of time to myself at the moment though (away from a certain 'evil' social networking site) and hoping this will give me some space to finally catch up on things.

firstly to my cockatoo friends:  at the beginning of the year (just before the floods) - and then again a month or two ago - a couple of these pretty magnificent birds suddenly started visiting.  they are absolutely gorgeous to watch...slightly less gorgeous to watch eating the new railings on the verandah!   

(i wish that my photographs of taking flight did them justice, but can't resist including those to show the incredible wingspan and action - just amazing) 


  1. What a wonderful gift you have. Thank you for sharing these amazing images with us all.
    lots of love

  2. aaawwwww beautiful birdies!!!! Thanks for sharing them :) xx

  3. thanks you two fellow bird-lovers and photographers. currently watching mum and dad kookaburra tending to their nest over the driveway...hoping they'll show me the babes before they're too big. XXOO


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