Saturday, July 24, 2010

gardening for the soul

made some little presents for the babies today...just in case they ever forget who they are (and yes, before you ask, i am going ever so slightly around the bend at the moment).


  1. cute stuff. i have nice memories of my grandmother & I painting rocks

  2. didn't turn out quite as i'd hoped (think i needed a smaller brush) and not sure if they'll survive the rain but i like the general effect and idea. was your grandmother an artist too?

  3. These are super cute. Something the kids would love to do, I'm sure. Can't wait until we have our proper garden - all possum proofed!

    {Thanks for visiting my blog. Next time you see me at a market say 'hi'}.

  4. can't wait to be well enough for markets again...will be sure to say hi next time i do see you (and enjoy the blogs in the meantime). don't even mention possums!


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