Thursday, July 15, 2010

a recent visitor

last month i spent a couple of weeks in the company of journal # 6 (shown here soaking up the queensland winter sun) as part of the very talented kirrily anderson's 'creative for a second or two' project...this follows on from the publication of the 'creative for a second' book a couple of years ago.

the 'second or two' version is a worldwide collaborative arts project specifically for people with ME/CFS, the idea being that each person has two weeks with one of the journals (there are currently seven) and then sends it on to the next person on the list. reading through the book that has already been published i was amazed at the creativity that exists within our community. and taking part in this project, while highly stressful (totally self-induced) for a perfectionist like me was also really interesting and rewarding. since i passed the journal on i've been able to follow what other people have been doing on the facebook page - and loved the sense of shared experience, support, understanding and enthusiastic encouragement i see every time i go back to see what is new. none of us would ever choose to be connected by this illness that binds us all but it's a lovely group of people to be bound to!


  1. What a great project!

    I was just reading your profile for the first time... I also have fibromyalgia and it really is the creative stuff that keeps me going some days.

  2. it's such a brilliant idea isn't it? the first book she published was just so well put together - really really impressed.

    the creative endeavours are so good for the soul...i can't think straight or see straight and i get frustrated that things aren't how i know they could be if my body was in a better place, but at least at the end there is something to show for the pain and energy invested in it. definitely rewarding.

    how long have you had the fibromyalgia for?

    (oh, and loving looking at your posts...keep intending to get back to comment on things but not keeping up so well at the moment)


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