Monday, September 20, 2010

it's cold (and wet) outside

the local ensemble of wildlife was not too impressed with the weather here yesterday. the second i appeared in the kitchen in the morning there was a sopping little butcher bird calling out urgently to me from the balcony railing (later found out his whole family had already been through that routine once before he got to me!). when i took pity and went out to feed him a kookaburra came swooping in...then another...and another - all looking pretty sorry for themselves. and three of the butcher birds spent much of the afternoon taking shelter perched on the struts under the carport.

when i went down to the next level of the house a bush turkey was pecking at the outside bed (no idea what that was all about) and later in the day there was a turkey chase going on just outside in the same spot - think the mound isn't ready for his girlfriend yet. mama poss has been back wedged in her spot on the beam near the front door for the last three days. and last night there was a soundtrack of an owl hooting from the bush nearby and a curlew crying. sometimes i feel very very close to nature!

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