Tuesday, October 19, 2010

klimt reincarnate

once upon a time this klimt panel was a little singlet top - a lovely little (too little) singlet top, with nowhere to go and nothing to do. so it decided to make itself useful, morph into something entirely different, and head off on an adventure to find somebody more than a little special to love it again.

it enlisted the aid of some vintage velvet and destash velvet and backing friends, prettied itself up, stuffed itself silly and emerged a cushion (then tried out a few of the local chairs for size). before i knew what had happened it was out the door - traveling all incognito as a brown paper package tied up with string - and on its way across the country to a new home and a new life...

(post name inspiration from one of my favourite blogs - melanie's kimono reincarnate )


  1. wow that is AWESOME!!!!!!

    It looks much much much better as a cushion :)

  2. That looks great kirsten. You are very clever.

  3. I am lucky enough to be the owner of this gorgeous Kirsten creation!
    I adore it, and thank you very much.
    so so so so thoughtful.

  4. Fantastic! One of my fav artists! I love it!!

  5. see, told you it was going to someone (more than)'a little special'! thanks everyone - it was fun other than a few issues with my brain and materials. NB - no point in getting angry at the adhesive stuff for not working when you didn't put the iron on...

  6. Amazing! What a beautiful cushion you have fashioned out of those gorgeous remnants. (and very cute title!)
    I love seeing your sewing!

  7. That cushion is gorgeous! I have a few similar shirts hanging around here that I've been meaning to give a new life to too! Oh and I love the post title :)


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