Monday, October 18, 2010

smiles, glitter and gratitude - with tea

unexpected surprises in brown paper packages really are one of the great pleasures in life. lately i've been sending a few out into the world and getting such a buzz from it that i'd almost decided giving was better than receiving...almost!

and then
this morning i'd just boiled the kettle before heading up to check the post, so when i found some treasure i took it out to the verandah with my tea to savour as i opened. inside the beautifully decorated outer wrapping (enough to elicit many smiles in itself and make me hesitate to unwrap it) was the most beautiful little gift from from two beautiful women...

under a whole lot of glitter i found one of miras fabulous artworks - soul medicine every time - and a lovingly handmade beaded string with little origami cranes from the talented alex. with glitter everywhere (including in my tea) i soaked up the feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the thoughtfulness, creativity, colour and beauty in that little box. and decided that receiving really is pretty good too!

thanks so very much alex and mira for making my day, it was a truly special surprise to find on my daily pilgrimage to the mailbox. i feel so touched and blessed and am still smiling to myself.


  1. aw!
    are those three glitter bits in your tea? are you all sparkly inside now? ;)

    you've just reminded me to check my mail!

  2. yep, little glitter bits in my tea...not too many but i did wonder what they might do in there! should be all sparkly anyway. hope you find a nice surprise in your mail too. XXOO

  3. Oh, such generous and beautiful women! Big kind giving love-how delightful it was to read! Glittery tea will probabaly be the next big thing at all those fancy tea shops...we can say we saw it here first ;o)
    Your photography is wonderful so thank you for your kind words about mine-to answer your q- the camera I use is a canon G10, I usually edit after if needed with corel photo paint. What do you use?

  4. you may say that indeed - and it was alex and mira who started the trend!

    up until very recently i wasn't well enough to use a heavy camera (it was enough of a challenge just holding my arms up to use one at all) so i bought the 'most manual' compact i could find - a panasonic lumix which lets me adjust quite a few things to my preferences. that's served me well, and a lot of what i take is still with that (such as the waterlogged photos).

    however i did invest also in a couple of second-hand canon DSLR bodies earlier in the year. the canon bit was pretty much decided by the fact that i had a brilliant fancy lens here which my parents gave me with an SLR body for my 21st and had barely been used (never anticipating bedridden years in there). so, now i have a 30D and a 350D that i use as well depending on what i can handle.

    in terms of editing i usually tweak a little in iphoto and/or picnik but try to play with things on the camera as i go as much as possible. still feels like cheating all this digital stuff!


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