Friday, October 15, 2010

waterlogged wonderland (the green series)

i had so much fun playing with some of my images from the flooded parklands the other day that i can't resist posting a few more - in shades of green this time. amazing what you can do deliberately changing exposures and mucking around a bit in iphoto and picnik.

really enjoying all the lush new growth and incredibly beautiful colours everywhere (as well as the overcast to my eyes, if there is such a thing). thinking that it's probably enough water for a little while though - hard to believe that this land of overflowing dams is the same drought-ridden one which was driving us in the direction of recycled water not too long ago.


  1. yes, this year has been a year of much rain. quite the contrast to what we've all had.
    beautiful images.
    absolutely such thing as music to the eyes (you would really enjoy that synesthesia doco). I adore over cast days too, always been my fave.

  2. Hi Kirsten! This is my first comment to your blog. I love your photos! And I wanted to let you know that overcast days are "music to my eyes" too. xoxo, Maureen

  3. thanks for the comments maureen and zabi (keep them coming!)...interesting about the 'music to the eyes' bit. will think of you two enjoying on overcast days too. XXOO

  4. I had the same thought today-from droughts to overflowing dams. I am loving these trees, the greens are so soothing and beautiful. And the windswept grasses-I really admire your talents, you compose images so elegantly. xok


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