Tuesday, October 26, 2010

spiderweb symphony

i caught sight of another spiderweb while watering this evening - and went running for the camera again. love the way the drops of water catch on webs and transform them into something that resembles nature's own version of jewelry. it looked so perfect...then i managed to half destroy it! so sorry little spider.

it reminds me of a pearl collar necklace my grandmother gave me, and the shots where the shutter speed was technically too slow make me think of the movement of a conductor's baton.


  1. I am beginning to think I need to expand my vocabulary, everytime I visit or see your page I think "ooooh. Beautiful" These photos are so delicate...I love the little drop-lights...not in a toot my own trumpet way, but they remind me of a photo I took at a market, a string of lights as the sunlight was fading. Really beautiful.

  2. would really like to see that photo...and i'm pretty in love with these too (especially the top one).


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