Thursday, November 25, 2010

child of mine

i can feel you slipping away...even though you were never there.

i can feel you tearing my heart as you pull away.

no lifechanging moment of realising i had joined with someone to create another being

no precious months of being more than whole as i felt you grow

no birthing you into this world and feeling you leave/feeling you come

no holding you in my arms completely overcome by wonder and something more than love

no watching you grow too quickly to hold every moment, to sear
every second into my memory

no seeing you change and seeing you dream and shape your world with your hopes and desires.

none of this, none of this was ever there to lose.

yet all of this i feel slipping away, all of this I see leaving as I fall

onto my knees and crying out for the you that is never going to be.

(know a lot of people have seen this in various places but it seemed the right one to start with seeing it was a subject that's come up with two friends of my contributions to the creative for a second or two project, although not written in the two weeks i had the journal. this one is for you 'a' and 'b' know who you are. XXOO)


  1. thanks Kirsten....the timing couldn't be greater....moved me to tears......

  2. hope they were healing tears bex...printed out some of your short stories and read today - thanks for sharing too, loved your writing as usual.

  3. There are no words, only hugs. xoxoxo

  4. beautiful and true, Thanks Kirsten. Great timing

  5. I like your poetry. I came across someone on Twitter the other day who has ME and writes/wrote poetry. I'll just see if I can find the link to her website...
    Ok, it's if you're interested.

  6. hello yellow (you have me intrigued...wondering if i know you or how you found me!). thanks for that link, i had a little look and will have a more in depth one on another day. to be honest it made me quite furious to read what she, and so many others, are going through while certain people stall on finding a cure for this. anyway, thanks for dropping by and the feedback and hope i might hear from you again some other time. take care.

  7. (thankyou also to my beautiful friends with comments above)

  8. thanks for this, smoochy. makes my heart ache.

  9. wish your heart didn't have a reason to ache lolli...XXOO


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