Saturday, November 13, 2010

the devil is in the detail

(studying the binding instructions - again)

(a beautifully mitred corner, if i do say so myself.
can't believe i forgot to take a close-up of the handstitched seam at the back of the binding - the whole 4 1/2 metres of it)

why not drag the suspense out a just a little more before the final reveal?

i was absolutely amazed at the amount of paraphernalia required - the walking foot, the quilters ruler and mat, the rotary cutter, the special threads. quilting pins, binding clips. not to mention selecting fabrics for the top ( i went with a couple of amy butler charm square packs from her daisy chain collection, picking out the patterns and colours i liked the best), for the sashing, the backing, the binding. and then the batting for the middle of the 'sandwich' (this one has organic cotton). for someone who has so much trouble making decisions at the best of times and is currently having trouble concentrating on more than one concept for more than a minute it was, to say the least, 'challenging'.

and then all the different bits of information and technique to absorb (bizarrely, the walking foot came with no instructions and required numerous googlings when i figured out it wasn't on correctly. while the binding clips - just like hairclips - came with a three step diagram on how to clip one onto the quilt). i would have been completely at sea without my consulting panel of 'quilting queens', who i pestered with constant and overanalytical questions about every possible detail. i'm so sure that they are just as glad as i am to know this first attempt is over!

and did i mention the issues with the sewing machines that led to a bit of a falling out between ellie and i? or the 40yr old ironing board which had to be updated when it was eventually found the be the culprit of the rust stains which appeared while ironing the sashing (these then also had to be replaced)? i really was beginning to understand why people choose to simply buy something already made...yet there is such satisfaction in seeing something come together and knowing you made it all with your own hands.

and wait until you (finally) see the finished product though - i think it was all worth it.


  1. You keep surprising me. Must be rewarding to be able to create such beautiful things.

  2. it looks lovely, and that really is a nice corner. I started a quilt for matilda before she was born and I'm still going. (Stupid me decided i should do the quilting by hand).

  3. really rewarding mel...loving being able to sew and create again. anna, i should be honest and say it was one of the better corners! whenever i'm doing these things and getting a bit down at the idea of making them for someone else's child when it doesn't look like i'll be having my own, i also think that i can't imagine how you'd fit in the joy of making these things if you did have your own kiddies...then i think of people like you and wonder how on earth you do what you do!

  4. Wow what is a binding clip? I've made 5 quilts without these...

  5. maybe i've got the name wrong...they're just exactly like those triangular metal clips for your hair (sorry, can't think of a better way to explain it). not necessary but apparently easier than pinning and anything that was going to make it easier sounded good to me!


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