Saturday, November 13, 2010

drumroll please

here you go patient people (and not so patient people), will put you out of your misery now and show you what i have been building up to the last few days. i really can't believe this is actually finished - i think i'm still in shock! my first venture/adventure into the wonderful world of quilting...

made especially for a very precious little girl on the other side of the tasman, with so many blessings and hopes for a beautiful and joyous life sewn into it. i only wish i were able to deliver it in person and meet miss molly while she is still all new and teeny...i hope she can feel all the love in there.


  1. oh darlin, that is BEAUTIFUL!!!! What a precious gift!

  2. A quick peak a Facebook and what do I find, another beautiful masterpiece. Wow that is beautiful. xxx

  3. Oh it's GORGEOUS! LOVE those fabrics. You are hooked now!

  4. not quite sure if i'm hooked or never want to contemplate one again...(that said, already looking at other fabrics). melanie, keep thinking of your mums absolutely amazing crane quilt.


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