Tuesday, November 2, 2010

'i will make something for you' - no 3.

what's an appropriate present you could think of to give someone who's married to a photographer? (someone who owns an art gallery to boot)

whatever it was would have be related to anything other than photography...surely? or, then again...maybe some of your handmade cards with your own photos?! in truth there was actually a little logic behind this, knowing that the recipient is moving into a new house soon, and the last thing she may want is anything else to take up room or gatecrash her new styling plans. still, did strike me as a bit ridiculous at the same time!

three down and one to go in my 'i will make something for you' series now then (since i never got five to take me up on the offer...crazy people). no 4 has me totally stumped though.


  1. these are so beautiful! are you sure you're not the photographer she's married to? you are a photographer, no doubt.

  2. pretty sure lilan! last time i checked...(and thankyou).

  3. Chris thought your photographs were really beautiful. You got it right for me. Funny, when I started reading your blog it took a while to register that you were talking about me. That sounds ridiculous doesn't it? I told you you were the expert at gift giving. You have something special about you Kae. xxxx

  4. oh mel...you lovely lady. thankyou so much, and flattered that chris liked them too. brainfog can be blamed for a LOT of things - my head is in that really missing obvious connections kind of space at the moment. still, it is a little funny (just wasn't sure if you'd want to be publicly named). XXOO

  5. I tried to post this yesterday but for some reason it wouldn't let me, so attemp number 2.

    From one lovely lady to another then. I don't mind being being named at all. I am honoured to recieve such a beautiful gift from you. xxx


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